Krups Coffee Makers

Coffee is one of the most used commodity in the world therefore coffee makers has great potential for revenue. Krups Coffee Makers is a great brand throughout the world. is a 13 year old identifiable domain name which has the potential to generate passive income. This aged domain is great for indexing and branding in the search engines. (You can verify the domain age at

This domain name alone is searched for 120 times per day organically in the USA only and has very limited competition as it relates to the amount of websites with similar products indexed on google.

Krups Coffee Makers has worldwide establishment in the following countries

  • Argentina
  • Brasil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • México
  • USA

This site is primarily an amazon affiliate website with not more than 25 products which is good because  focus can be centered around  developing products reviews.

The listed products prices range above 30 USD so which means it has the potential to earn 4% each sale that’s  $1.20 USD per sale.

This site also has the ability to generate advertising revenue on the shopping page and blog page.


The needs for this site is simple, the hosting platform requires the ability to support  SOAP client. is the hosting platform that supports SOAP and it’s support is better than hostgator.


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