Affiliate Marketing – The Advantages of Mini Sites

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Mini sites are small, compact websites – often just a single page – that have become a favorite tool for online marketers. Most mini sites are easy to construct and maintain, fairly inexpensive, and they can be easily optimized for search engines. Primarily for these reasons, the mini site has become an integral aspect of many online marketing structures.

The first step to setting up your own mini site, or series of them, is to find a host. A Google search for “mini site hosting” brings up more than thirteen million results, so there are plenty of options available. Be sure that your intended host supports your requirements, such as MySQL, PHP, HTML, or XML. Also be sure that your intended use does not violate the host’s Terms of Service.

After you have found your host, assuming you have the technical knowledge required, you can create a completely new minisite dedicated to your product or service. However, many marketers find it easier to use a minisite template, which is then modified to reflect your product and personal tastes. Many minisite hosts provide free template options, and if none of these are acceptable, many more templates can be found online with a simple Google search. Most templates allow you to change various features, such as color and style and some even come with template sales copy that can be edited to sell your particular product. If you are just setting up one mini site, it is worth the time to choose and modify it carefully to meet your needs. However, if you are setting up many, it would be easier to design your own template that can be reused as needed.

One of the primary advantages to using a minisite is that it is small and compact; therefore it should solely be dedicated to selling your product. This means that it is vital that the mini site is search engine optimized (SEO). The single focus of the mini site coupled with proper SEO results in much higher search engine rankings when people run searches related to your product. Bear in mind that it is vital that you shy away from “Black Hat” SEO, or unethical measures meant to drive unwilling or uninterested traffic to your site. Because Google and the other major search engines will remove “Black Hat” websites, as well as their hosts, these tactics can result in losing your rankings and even your mini site altogether.

A mini site can be a great addition to your online marketing system, and when used properly and in conjunction with other tools can significantly increase your effectiveness. In that mini sites are normally quick and easy to build and maintain, there is very little to lose.

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