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Many people have stumbled across various articles claiming that they do not need any sort of autoresponder or email marketing software in order for there business to run. Well I am very sorry to say but you must have mistaken. You see including an autoresponder like AWeber in your online business will not only have continuous customers but you can be in communication with them whenever you’d like. You see the benefit of using this Ultimate Email Marketing Software is quite straight forward.

I’m sure that you have heard the phrase “the money’s in the list”. Well this is exactly what people are referring to. What makes this kind of technology so unique is because once you have continued building your list up to 100-1000 people every time you find a new product to market or are going to do a live webinar presentation you can simply send 1 email to all of your clients and get the word out immediately. Back in the day before AWeber launched people had to manually stay in contact with people. They had to type and send an email to every person they wanted to get in contact. So I’m sure you can see the benefit by now of using AWeber email marketing software.

So you’re probably wondering why AWeber? Why not the other hundreds or thousands of autoresponders out there? Well for beginner as well as advanced marketers AWeber makes it very easy to catch on to how there system actually works. They have tons and tons of tutorials and videos walking each individual just like you step by step showing them how to set up there autoresponders. They know 85% of the people that are joining are brand new to internet marketing and are just starting out for the first time. Most probably not even knowing what exactly an autoresonder was before they started researching them. AWeber has stepped up there game big time and created a simple and easy to use interface for creating amazing capture forms that can easily be pasted on to your website. They believe that the best way to keep there business running the way they’d like is to make it as easy as possible with easy access.

Since I started using AWeber Email Marketing back in 2008 it was a little more difficult to operate with the way there website was set up. I must say that they have come along way and really made things very simple to the point where anyone who can click a mouse can do it. Really it is just that simple. One of the benefits of being an “AWeber” customer is they have a great customer service reputation which means if by chance you can’t quite figure out what you need to know, they have 24 hour live support to take care of any problems that you may incounter. Lucky for me I must say that I have never had any problems using there service and I couldn’t say anything about AWeber.

Many people feel like including email marketing in there business simply doesn’t make sense. But look at it this way. If your having tons of traffic (visitors) to your website on a daily basis even if it’s only just a few wouldn’t it be better to capture there name and email? UHHH YEAH You ask why? If I have customers coming to my website obviously they are there to buy something I have to offer. Most of the time if that customer finds something they like on your site or like your services, they will more then likely return to see what you have to offer. This is where AWeber comes in to play. If you were to have there email address, simply send them your newest product or service within the email marketing software. It not only keeps a good customer/client relationship but your also building there trust which will more then likely lead to more sales.

So if you’re just starting out and have a general understanding of putting together a simple website, or have a great website but not an autoresponder just yet, I urge you not enough to give “AWeber” a test drive and see how this can help your current business.

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