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Did you hear about Google’s new quality guidelines? Here’s the whole story: Google hires hundreds of “Quality Raters” to evaluate their search results. If the Quality Raters say: “The results are great!”, then Google keeps things as-is. But if they say: “These results are garbage!”, Google goes under the hood to tweak the algorithm. The […]

Sign in to Gmail. Click Account Click Personal Info and Privacy. Click Control Your Content Go to Download Your Data and click on CREATE ARCHIVE Click Next Click Create Archive and wait leave it to run to completion. Upon completion you will be sent an email with a download link. download the backup to your […]

Here’s how to download a copy of every message* in Gmail to an email client: Sign in to Gmail. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page, and open the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Select Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded). Click Save Changes. Open the mail client you’ve […]

There are a lot of autoresponders nowadays, including free and very expensive, self-hosted and professional. However, the choice is so big that you are not sure which one is the best. So, what to do? Let’s start with free autoresponders. Free autoresponders are a bad choice for your business if you take it seriously. Why? […]

When I first began building my list and wrote my first autoresponder campaign, I searched high and low for easy to use information on how to build an autoresponder campaign and found very little that was effective. Sure, I found example after example of campaigns I could use as a ‘swipe file’, but nothing that […]

  In the recent years, Newsletters have come up as a great way for reaching your subscribers and providing them with good information. One must consider the following points before writing a newsletter.o The Personal Touch -You can not write a good newsletter if you don’t know your readers. Place surveys on your site to […]

The terms autoresponder programs and autoresponder services are often confused by many people. They often think they are the same thing, and this can lead to some serious problems in the world of online marketing. They is plenty of differences between the two concepts that you need to become familiar with. Otherwise you may find […]

How Do I Make My Own Website Totally Free December 26, 2014 Email Marketing No Comments How do I make my own website totally free? Well if you are asking this question you will be pleased to learn that it is possible, however, I’m afraid it won’t be totally free if you want to keep […]

Many business owners would say their inventory, buildings, and physical assets. Some would say their sales staff or their intellectual property, like patents. Would you look at your balance sheet to decide? Your balance sheet lists all of your assets for your business right? Land, building, bank accounts, furniture, fixtures, inventory, vehicles, and all other […]

Setting fees can be difficult, especially if you are just starting your career in public speaking. If you set a price too high, you may miss out on the booking; setting it low may not provide enough compensation. These are the most common issues in setting up your fees. If you want others to pay […]