Blog For Profit – How Aweber and DreamHost Makes Money

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An often overlooked way to blog for profit is finding a set up that will work with optimum efficiency. You want to be effective and efficient and not just one or the other. It really has to be both. Never underestimate the power of a good team up.

I personally use Aweber and DreamHost for my blog. Both Aweber and DreamHost provide an easy to use set up. Even a monkey’s uncle can do it.

DreamHost, in case you haven’t guessed is a web hosting service that makes WordPress installation done in 60 seconds! I said DONE not GONE!

Patience really is a virtue that is hard to come by. And obviously the creators of these services agree that patience is not for everyone. Hence they specifically made setting up easy and fast. So that’s already one thing that can help you start to blog for profit.

Web host — CHECK!

Blogging platform — CHECK!

Aweber comes into the picture because you cannot do all the work alone.

Well you can but then that would mean you have no life beyond your workspace.

Aweber is your automated electronic assistant, marketer and mailman.

You’re probably wondering if it was created in likeness to a female with all the multi tasking abilities it has. Well that’s for another discussion. Let’s go back to how Aweber autoresponder will help you; the best thing about this marketing tool is that it will automatically send out blog alerts.

Now before you say RSS feeds or FeedBurner let me stop you there. Because I’m not done yet!

Aweber allows you to create stand alone lists and e-mail databases which are synced to offer eCourses, offers, PDFs, newsletters, etc. So now tell me that RSS and FeedBurner can do that as well!

Like any crime fighting duo, a wordpress blog and Aweber is unstoppable online money making scheme.

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