How Do I Make My Own Website Totally Free

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How do I make my own website totally free? Well if you are asking this question you will be pleased to learn that it is possible, however, I’m afraid it won’t be totally free if you want to keep it online. Most probably you’re looking to build your own website to start your own online business… with the hope of making some money. Well who can blame you, the internet is growing very quickly and the pie is big enough for us all to have a slice.

To start creating your free website you will need the following software;

o HTML Editor An HTML editor is basically needed to transfer your text and images into computer language. These can be costly but there are free ones about such as Kompozer that is quite adequate and easy to use.

o FTP Client An FTP client is what you will need to upload things onto the web.A free one such as FileZilla is perfect.

So what can you expect to pay to keep your website active and what do you need;

o Domain Name A domain name won’t cost you much, companies such as GoDaddy will charge around $10-15 per year which is only 20- 30cents per week. You could pay less than this as they regularly have offers on, but shop around.

o Hosting Account Although it is possible to get free hosting you could expect to pay on average no more than $10-15 per month for a good host such as Hostgator

However, the real secret to making money online is building your list, and to do this you will need an auto responder. I know this is an added expense but it could be priceless to you. Again companies such as Aweber will charge around $19 per month.

On average that’s just over $32 per month. Compare this start up cost against a conventional business; say a manufacturing business or a retail business where you need to pay for equipment, rent and utilities etc. Quite a big difference I’m sure you will agree, plus you will have the added advantage of working from home in your spare time.

The biggest mistake that most new internet marketers make is that they don’t take action. To achieve anything in life you have to stick at it and learn the necessary new skills that are required for any new business.

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