Start a Home Based Business in 3 Minutes

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Purchase file hosting: Go to GoDaddy or Hostgator and get yourself some hosting. $25 a month at first will do.

Create a webpage to upload it to your server. On this webpage feature some affiliate offers and you will make commissions with them.

Log into your domain registrar and point the nameservers at your files. (Ask your file hosting company what your nameservers are.) Once your nameservers propagate, your website will appear when you go to your domain name in a browser.

Go to one of the many article directories like EzineArticles, and write articles that give visitors knowledge in your field. They will come to your site from the articles. Once you create enough articles, your site will rank higher in the search engines and you will get more traffic.

You will be making affiliate sales and you will be a happy camper. Once you get cracking, you can open up an autoresponder at and post the code into your website. People will opt in and submit their email addresses and then you can log into your aweber account and send your list of emails a message at the same time selling them more stuff.

You can also make a review page and compare different products to one another. This is a great selling point as well.

It’s that simple. Create a webpage that sells digital products, promote that page with articles and it will rank higher in the search engines for even more traffic.

The great thing about this business is that it does not require much upkeep in the end and you do not need to ever send anything in the mail or talk to anyone on the phone. You simply set up a website and promote it a little bit. In reality, you are basically “launching” your website to success.

A good “launch” requires enough traffic to help it get a good rank in the search engines and directories. Make sure to also bookmark your site with social bookmark sites and promote your site in forums that are related to your niche.

It is very important to keep the traffic targeted to the products you are selling. One website should be dedicated to one area.

For instance, have one website that is just for paid photos, then another one for dating girls. Do not have more than one niche on one website, it will not work.

When you go out and get traffic for your website, this traffic also needs to be extremely targeted. For your paid photos website, you should only promote it at photographer forums and artist websites. Make sure that the traffic will stay at your website. People who are looking for something then find another, will not buy and will click out of your website faster than you can say “detour.”

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