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XS Marketing – has been online since 2001 offering online business advice to small and medium businesses.
Over the years we have walked though the changes that occurred within the online environment. We have noticed the market has diverted more from a search engine friendly to more a social friendly environment. There are millions of websites online each competing for a space using different marketing techniques, however large search engines are cracking down on various types of marketing and believe it or not you have to try a bit harder to get notice, get recognized and get customers.

We have found that each of the friendly methods have their place in the world of online marketing and sales. But its generally up to you to determine how to best utilize each instance in your marketing and sales model.

If you’re looking at creating an online presence which I think you are, then think about the following questions

  1. What is the purpose of a website?
  2.  How does being online benefit my business.
  3.  Where to start?

Only you can answer the above questions but we can assist you by providing the following guide to the questions above:

1) What is my website or blog purpose?

  • Say Something or Do something. – Websites originally was a one way directional from website to the visitor. Today websites are more interactive and allows two way communication by email, comments etc. This allows for better branding and promotion of products and services.
  • Provide some value to your visitors. Your product, service or information on your website should engage the visitor and offer them a degree of value.

2) How does a website or blog benefit my business?

  • Branding – Brand your product or service
  • Promotion – Here you should think about what aspect of your business you would like to promote . Whether it’s a product or service you are promote
  • Information – Provide information about your product, your business, new updates.

3) Where to start?

  • Domain name. A domain name identifies your business online for example XS Marketing is a limited liability online marketing company and we are represented online via our domain name which is also the name of our company. We were fortunate to get our have our domain name available. Sometimes a domain name can be taken therefore you may have to modify your search in order to find an available domain name for instance A Shopping Center which is a physical store register a domain name You can search and get your domain name at XS Marketing for around $11.70 per year or  Godaddy for around $14.00.


Domain Registration

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Website Hosting

  • Website Hosting. Now you should already have your domain name. Hosting is exactly what it states it is here where you house all your website installation and files. You can have the same hosting provider and domain registrar if you have only one website. However if you have multiple websites we recommend that you manage your domains though OpNux Hosting. You can get reliable hosting at XS Marketing  starting at less than $ 5.00 per month.


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You can also check our resources page to get more information on how to develop your business online.

Although these questions and more may bounce around in your head but you should try to zoom in on what you want to achieve online then use a milestone based approach to developing an online presence is always a very good start.

XS Marketing TIPS:

  • Know your product inside out. Whether it’s a good or service you are providing try to know almost everything about your product. if you cannot explain the uses about your product or service to someone who does not know or realize your product or service is of value to them then you are doomed to failure.
  • Determine what avenues your are willing to promote your product or service. Remember there are billions of websites online competing for a local and international space and each of them are trying to offer a good or service. So you have to determine how are you going to stand out.
  • Be honest with your with your product or service reviews. Do not sell the moon and the stars but rather give practical approaches to applying your product to real world situations. These are methods can help you build trust and awareness of your product.