Video Marketing – How to Dominate the Web

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Video marketing isn’t easy, for the simple fact that tens of thousands of new videos are popping up every single day. In order to make yours stand out, you must work extra hard to create the most unique, awe-inspiring video ever.

Even if you manage to do just that, you still need to get people to actually WATCH it. You can increase the chances of people finding your video by doing the following:

  • Coming up with a catchy title.
  • Providing a good description which includes a bunch of keywords.
  • Having friends and associates share the video link on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.
  • Try to get as many people as possible to give your vid two thumbs up.
  • Have a link to the video in your forum posts.
  • Embed it in your blog with Twitter and Facebook buttons.
  • Include the link in your newsletter or mailing address.

These are just a few tips for promoting a video. If you can manage to go viral with just one video, you can dominate the web!

Video marking, when done correctly, has many benefits. Think about it: YouTube has millions of viewers every single day. Even though your video won’t appeal to every single viewer, it will still appeal to SOME. The potential is there for your video to reach thousands of potential customers.

People prefer watching videos about a company rather than reading about it. Videos provide both audio and visuals to consumers. Both of these can be very powerful when used as sales tools. People get to HEAR and SEE what they will be getting from your company! They will be able to see the benefits of having your products with their own eyes.

Users who actually VIEW your content rather than read it are more likely to buy your products. Seeing is believing, after all, so if you want people to believe in your company, you need to show them everything you have to offer. No successful internet entrepreneur is without videos. They are the best way to brand your company.

Even if you don’t sell products, you should still make videos. Why? Because you can potentially earn a lot of money from ad revenue. When your website or blog goes viral, you will receive tons of interest from advertisers. You could also have the link to your site displayed at video sites. If people like the video, they will click on the link to visit your website. There, you could have Google AdSense or another pay-per-click banner running!

Video directories are quickly replacing article directories. Now, the same videos get uploaded over and over again on the same sites. Imagine how much of an impact your company will have with your visual content displayed all over the internet.

Less than a decade ago the only way you could effectively reach out to people through video is by paying a lot of money for a television spot! Now, all you have to do is create a short video and upload it for free on the internet. Of course, you will have to create a very interesting video and subsequently promote it if you want to dominate the web.

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