What is Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and ClickBank?

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So just as you were looking for, not sure why, but finally you have came to this specific article.

Congratulations to you as your instinct has chosen what might be a quite different article on internet or affiliate marketing. Ok, OK I can hear some of the newbies out there curiously in their head asking, “what the hell is affiliate marketing or what’s ClickBank?” Keep that question with you as I will be explaining what that means in a short while. First of all I want you to be clear that in this article you will be learning the basic things a newbie need in what is known as affiliate marketing. Or even if you are fed up with your day to day work and want to make some money online, this article will just be the starting point.

What the hell is internet marketing (im)?

OK to make things clear for some babies in im, internet marketing is actually a term that means products or services that are exchanged for money on the net. This whole thing runs virtually, which is different from the usual brick and mortar way of doing business. We are in the information age and guess what, most of the people surf the net to get some kind of information which solves their problem. So what happens when there is a huge demand for info on the web, what else? There comes the billion dollar information business supply which is happening daily. Ya it is the truth! People are paying to get the info they need online. So what is the easiest way to start a business, if not doing an online business where you start with a minimal cost (please note here that I said there is some start up cost required,there is no free lunch!) and you can reach the whole world in a very very short time rather than starting a traditional business.

OK now you are getting some good exposure about the online world of business, but what about affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is actually a term that means you assist someone online to sell their product and the best of all is that you get some commission by doing so. This is truly awesome because you do not have to create your own product but you earn money by just promoting other people’s product online. You get paid as the product that you promoted is bought by the customer. This option is the best for people who are trying to make a fortune online as you can choose from thousands of product online and sell what you like, and in the process making a decent amount of money.

So finally about ClickBank…

ClickBank is a unique kind of a bank which is an affiliate network to be exact. Ok, OK I will explain, previously you had known about affiliate marketing in which you have to sell a merchants product to be eligible for a commission. So the next question is where do you get the products that you can choose from to sell to your selected crowd. And that’s where you need ClickBank, you can actually straightaway go to the website and view the marketplace. There are more than 10000 digital products available to be sold. Ya, ClickBank only offers digital product which is actually quite interesting.

OK now that you have known about internet marketing,affiliate marketing and ClickBank, what do you need next?

Like I mentioned earlier, you need to put some money forward in order for you to get back tonnes of money back. So with that in mind, you can start buying your domain name and web hosting from any reliable source. So start earning money as an affiliate now!

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