What’s a Landing Page For?

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You have probably heard of a “landing page”, but you may have asked yourself: What in the heck is a landing page and what is it for?

In a nutshell, a landing page is the “holy grail”, the real insider secret of selling any product on the internet.

Here’s what a landing page is, and what it is for:

A “landing page” is the page where you send ALL of your “visitors”. Not buyers, not members, and not subscribers, but Visitors. It the the first place a new visitor should see on your site.

The landing page should list all of the benefits that your site offers – but briefly. And when I say a list, I mean list BENEFITS – not features. Tell the visitor why they will benefit, what they will gain, how they will make money, save money, lose weight, be happier, and on and on. Let them know the YOUR site has the solution to all of their problems. Of course, the benefits should pertain to your site content.

If your site is about skydiving, then you could list things like “learn the 3 things that will keep you alive every time you jump”. In other words, the content on your landing page needs to read like HEADLINES for your website. The headlines will be the benefits that your site offers to a prospective customer.

And then here is the key, the very most important thing that you will ever do: Tell the prospect that they can get all of the information instantly if they will just give you their name and email address.

That’s they “holy grail” of internet marketing. A mailing list of people who are interested in the topic or the items you are catering to.

You will need a sign-up form that is “hooked up” to an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an automatic marketing machine that you set up in advance to deliver about 50 email messages to the customer. These email messages direct the customer back to your site to discover something new and amazing each time they visit. A very good autoresponder, and one that I use is Aweber.com. It has super tutorials that guide you through setting everything up. Aweber also has great reporting functions and you can actually see which of your prospects is clicking and coming back to your site.

The big picture looks like this: You advertise via pay-per-click or via articles or links and you direct the visitors to your landing page. If your offer sounds interesting and exciting enough, they will sign up on this page. The email confirmation process will take them ito your real site and then, over time, they will receive your future emails directing them to interesting and exciting features of your site. Eventually, they will become customers.

All of them? Nope. But a good percentage of them. AND – you will make a profit.

I have over 2200 people on one of my lists for a smaller niche that I market to but it generates about 4 sales a day resulting in $91 in income per day – from just ONE of the niches I market to. Depending on the niche, or market, that you are trying to sell to, you could make hundreds of sales per day using this method.

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