Your Powerful Automated Assistant: How To Pick The Right Autoresponder

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As amazing as autoresponders are, I am surprised that not everyone and

every business is using them. For those that don’t know, an autoresponder is a simple email program that responds automatically to emails that are sent to it.

Not only that, but it can also be used to set up a series of follow up emails

and provide you with mailing list management.

If you have a business, online or off, having an autoresponder is almost a

necessity if you want to fully maximize your sales potential.

Here is what typically happens:

You own a website that sells a product or service. Through your marketing

efforts, you get several visitors a day. You get about a sale daily, but for

those that don’t purchase, they are lost to you forever.

Now, let’s say that you are going to use an autoresponder to increase your

income. You need to know a very important fact about sales: “Most people

need to see an offer about 5 times before they decide to purchase.” What

this means is that you need a way of connecting with your visitors at least five

times, and autoresponders will do it for you…AUTOMATICALLY.

Back to your website. Your marketing efforts haven’t change and you continue to

get several visitors a day. But, you have written a 5 part eCourse about using

your product or service.

So now when you get a visitor, a little pop-up comes on (or you have a sign up

spot in the sidebar) telling them that you are offering a FREE eCourse. All

they need to do is supply you with their email addresses, and you’ll send it

right over.

Now, you will still get that quick sale. However, those visitors that were on

the fence about purchasing or who didn’t have enough time to look your offer over

will sign up to get the free eCourse.

And now, in automated fashion, your autoresponder will send them the eCourse (of

5 lessons) and also continue sending as many follow up emails as you want.

Not only that, but now you have started your own mailing list, and we all know

that the power is in the list. So six months down the road when you want to run

a special and reduce your prices by $50 for one day only, you can send an email

to your entire list with the details.

The best autoresponders are run by third party companies (desktop autoresponders

handled by yourself tend to get blacklisted quicker and have lower delivery


If you are going to pick an autoresponder, the best bets are Big Three:

GetResponse, Aweber, and EmailAces. Each has its own strength and weakness, so

you are going to need to evaluate your situation and goals to match it up

properly with the appropriate autoresponder company.

Here is a basic overview of the three:

1. GetResponse ( Many people start off using GR. The

main reason is because they have a free version of their autoresponder service.

This isn’t a free trial that expires in 30 days. The free service doesn’t have

all of the features of the premium service and it does contain ads, but as far

as getting your feet wet, it is a good option. Other features include:

unlimited autoresponders, unlimited follow-ups (only 5 in free version), mailing

list management, pop-up creator and a neat tool that checks your messages to see

if email service providers will think they are spam. The premium service runs

for $17.95 per month.

2. Aweber ( People who have been using autoresponders

for a while eventually switch to Aweber (especially those involved in internet

marketing). It has a 30 day free trial so you can try before you buy. The

features include: unlimited autoresponders, unlimited follow-up messages, a Spam

checker, mailing list management and tools to create pop-ups. It also

integrates nicely with PayPal. This is important if you want to use the

autoresponder to automatically deliver your digital products when sales are made

on your website. Their service runs $19.95 a month.

3. EmailAces ( This is a newer company than the other three

but has similar features. You also get unlimited autoresponders and follow-ups,

unlimited mailing list size, WYSIWYG HTML editor, and strong customer service.

Their service runs $19.95 a month for the unlimited autoresponder package (and

just $7.95 for the first month).

The question shouldn’t be whether or not you need an autoresponder. You do.

Especially if you want to maximize your income online (I can’t think of a more

important tool).

The question you should ask is WHICH autoresponder do I choose. And it all

depends on your individual situation. So figure out what you want to

accomplish, research the big 3 autoresponder companies, and decide on one.

It will be the best business decision you have made yet.

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